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A Complete
Digitizing & Document Management Solution Using


ScanCraft® is a registered trademark of Webgenic Technology Solutions in India.

ScanCraft Dual Mode Books & Document Scanner
for Digitization

  • Designed for large scale digitization projects
  • Dual Mode Books and Document Scanner. Uses our patented technology (Indian Patent No. 1785/MUM/2014 ®)
  • Focus on non-destructive scanning of delicate & precious old books and documents
  • Timer based auto-scanning for higher productivity
  • Ideal for scanning large number of print publications. Scans more than 1,00,000 pages/month

Webgenic eLibraryPlus Server (Software with Hardware)
for Document Management System (DMS)

  • Host, manage & publish scanned and existing digital documents using DMS
  • Create digital library from scanned publications
  • Create new digital self-publications and add to digital library
  • Make publications available to worldwide users over the internet or for internal office use over the intranet
  • Ideal for running a paperless office
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This solution can be effectively used in following types of digitization projects:
  • Scanning old books and documents for archiving
  • Scanning out-of-print old books for re-publishing as digital (and print) edition
  • Scanning manuscripts for preservation
  • Scanning newspapers for archival
  • Library digitization
  • Health records digitization in hospitals
  • Land record digitization
  • Documents digitization in banks
  • Documents digitization in insurance industry
  • Documents digitization for e-governance
  • Digitization of product/technical manuals
  • Create paperless office by digitization of office documents
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